Juliet Marciano. MD,  PCI Certified Parent Coach® is endorsed by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker, and Acclaimed Bestselling Author of The Awakened Family, The Conscious Parent, and Out Of Control.

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"Hi, I’m Dr. Shefali, and I’m so excited to endorse the work of Juliet because her work as a parent coach integrates many of the teachings that I espouse, Eastern philosophy and mindfulness, with psychology to help parents and families reach their highest potential.
So I wholeheartedly support her work and endorse her as a coach and as a guide for you and your family."

H.P. - Mother of 2, PA
Juliet has always been so helpful, caring, and knowledgeable when guiding me through some challenging parenting times. She has helped me to understand, that my job is to help my kids figure out who they are, at their core, and to support them in being the best version of themselves. With Jul’s counseling, I have become a more confident parent.


M.H.– Mother of 2

"Before we finished the first call, I was feeling better already!"

L.E. Parent of one, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"I was having a strained relationship with my daughter for years. Working with Juliet I was able to understand what the issue was and how my daughter was feeling.  Juliet was able to help me understand and validate my daughter’s feelings.

Juliet helped me trust and know that I have equipped my adult child for life and it was time to let her fly on her own.  Also, that as parents / adults we need to recognize, repair and grow.  We can choose to see the positive in every situation.  We need to work through our discomfort.  We need to think before we speak.  She advised me to work towards ways to take care of myself, and she helped me see how important that was.

Working with Juliet made me so much stronger and aware of what was really going on in my life. She helped me to think more clearly as to how and why things were happening.  She taught me many ways of understanding how to recognize the issues.  She has given me tools to use.  This will be very beneficial to me as I carry on in life.  I feel inspired and encouraged.  I am very grateful to Juliet and I was delighted that I had this wonderful and positive experience / opportunity."

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