Ok, everybody.

Listen up!

We’ve got this!

We can do this.

We have never been in a better situation to handle this reality!

Thankfully, many of us are more than adequately equipped for this present situation!

All those smart phones that everyone seems to have- they’re great for this!

You know how you’ve been hearing about mindfulness and meditation so much over the last 10 years? That will help you through this. There are MANY mindfulness and meditation teachers available right now to help you through this!

We have the ability to hear and learn from thought leaders who can help us be in the present moment, accept each moment as it happens, let go of the “need” for certainty (which was NEVER present to begin with), and be able to take care of ourselves and others while staying calm and not panicking!

We can access books, music, TV shows, movies, operas, lectures, courses, and lessons- all from our homes!

We can watch cooking demonstrations, and fitness videos, and celebrity interviews- all from our homes.

We can tour zoos, museums, and theme parks- all from our homes.

We can “teach” our children and have them “attend” school with their teachers and classmates- all from our homes.

We can get news, we can order food and supplies, we can do our banking, we can even receive health care and recommendations- all from our homes!

We can video chat with our friends, loved ones, and strangers anywhere in the world (and even in space!)- all from our homes.

We can receive necessary news reports- all from our homes.

Some of us can work from our homes and play from our homes!

We can share our wisdom, our humor, and our creative expressions- all from our homes!

Many of our kids have been trained to be ok, and in some cases, even embrace and prefer staying inside- in their homes!

And we even have the expertise of Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, advisor to six Presidents on HIV/AIDS and many other domestic and global health issues to take on this challenge and keep us informed!

I know for so many people, these factors are not in place.

But for many of us they are.

And maybe, if at least those people did what is asked of us- to stay home, to take advantage of the available opportunities and resources we can access without leaving our homes, to support our children through these necessary measures, and to do it without complaining and resisting- we can make this easier on everyone!

We can do this!

If you need help figuring out how- message me.

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