Parenting in a Pandemic

Four Week Program with Weekly 1-Hour Coaching Calls

To say we are living through an incredible time is somewhat of an understatement.

For parents juggling the concerns and needs of so many individuals, the challenges are staggering.

Thankfully, all the qualities that help with parenting in general, and parenting children with special needs and extra needs (yes, this is an EXTRA need) in particular, will serve your family well during this global pandemic.

It’s wonderful that there is so much information and help available. Yet, sometimes that can be overwhelming for parents who feel the need to hear everything, read everything, and watch everything available related to parenting through this global challenge.

When my children were younger, there was a lack of information available to help me in parenting through challenging times. I had to search out everything on my own. And that led me to becoming a Certified Parent Coach so that I can help other parents to gain the same benefits I saw in my own family!

For you, though, it may seem like the opposite is occurring. There may be so much information, that now you’re feeling flooded and pressured to learn it all! Do it all! Join every group. Watch every video.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

First of all- stop. Take a breath.

Remember – this is HELP.

It is not supposed to stress you out!

It is available to support you during these and other challenging times.

I feel so fortunate that the skills, the practices, and the knowledge that I've gained over the years to help me in my own parenting and coaching are proving to be so helpful to me and my family at this time. And the parents I work with are finding them helpful as well!

These are the valuable lessons that I want to share with you.

It was great that so many people were able to scramble and quickly come up with the many resources to entertain, inform, educate, and support families as they faced a sudden and significant change in their lives. But, now, a “new normal” is starting to take shape. And in that new normal, parents are starting to see that finding things to take up their time is just not going to be enough to support their families through this challenge. Parents are wanting and needing more support, and they are yearning for more true connection and information more directly related to the needs of their families.

Fortunately, supporting families through challenging times is what I do.

Usually when I work with parents, it’s through a 12 week coaching program, but, in light of the rapidly changing nature of current events, I’m offering at a special rate, two new 4 week- “Parenting in a Pandemic” coaching programs to allow parents to rapidly make changes and start working on being able to handle the challenges of the present day RIGHT NOW!

If you want to connect more directly and not be “lost in the crowd”, if you feel that you want a more focused approach to the information you are receiving, and you want your family’s specific concerns addressed, these programs are for you.

You Will Have the Choice of

One-On-One Program in which you have my undivided attention on phone or video calls , my non-judgmental support, and my individualized approach to your family's specific challenges and needs.


Small Group Program (Limited to 10 participants) in which you participate in small group calls so that your will not be lost in the crowd and your concerns can be addressed.


Depending upon which program you choose, you will benefit from manageable information delivered within either small group (less than 10 participants) or one-on-one individual coaching phone or video calls with your family’s specific needs and challenges in mind- all from the safety and comfort of your home!

In the 4-week Parenting in a Pandemic Program you will learn and develop the skills and practices you'll need to calmly support and lead your family through the Coronavirus Global Pandemic.

You will learn:

  • How to be the leader of your family- to be in charge but not “in control”
  • The importance of staying calm and in the “present moment” and how to accomplish that
  • How to recognize when your attention is being hijacked by worries about the future or blame and regret about the past, and how to let those thoughts go and bring your attention back to the present moment
  • How to calmly and effectively respond to any new information or challenge that arises
  • How to clearly and calmly convey the importance of social distancing or quarantining and be firm in enforcing that boundary and any others you find necessary
  • How to support your children through whatever grief they may feel over the loss of a way of life, life milestones and events now cancelled, inability to physically be with extended family or friends, and other issues as they arise or are brought to their realization
  • How to recognize the strengths of each family member, the resources available to you, and what is working well already and learn how to utilize these factors in your family life
  • How to understand the individual needs and perspective of each member of your family and address them in an empathetic and non-judgmental manner
  • How to understand and address any challenging behavior that your children may exhibit
  • How to help your children learn the skill of problem-solving
  • How to encourage your children to recognize and share their feelings and support them through any feelings they may experience
  • How to recognize and feel your feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them
  • How to practice self-care when you are unable to leave your home
  • How to become comfortable with being “uncomfortable”
  • How to accept that life is always uncertain, not just in times like these, and release the need to always know how things will be, how things will turn out, and when things will change
  • How to maintain a sense of humor, a sense of gratitude, and a sense of accomplishment as you guide your family through this challenging time
  • How to use this time and opportunity to strengthen family connection, nurture your children’s resilience, and achieve personal growth and transformation

And much more.


Two Program Options Available


Individual Program

4 Weekly 1-Hour “One-On-One” Individual Coaching Sessions by phone or video calls at a time most convenient for you and your schedule.

You will have my undivided attention as we address the needs and concerns of your family and its particular challenges.

Resources suggested and provided based on your family’s specific needs and challenges

Additional Support through my Reclaiming the Joy of Parenting Facebook group as well as my Private Parenting in a Pandemic Facebook Group (limited to participants in these programs)

INVESTMENT $600  for 4 week Program  (Payment Plan available)



Small Group (limited to 10 participants) Program

4 Weekly 1-Hour Small Group Coaching Sessions by phone or video calls at a predetermined time with recoded replays provided.

You will no longer feel “lost in the crowd.”

You will have the opportunity to participate in real time and be heard and have YOUR concerns and needs addressed.

Resources suggested and provided based on your family’s specific needs and challenges.

Additional Support through my Reclaiming the Joy of Parenting Facebook group as well as my Private Parenting in a Pandemic Facebook Group (limited to participants in these programs)

INVESTMENT $97 for 4 week Program

Parents were never meant to do this alone, and now more than ever, you will need as much help as you can get!


Making an investment in your family's future at this challenging time can have life-altering effects for generations to come.

Stay well.

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