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As a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, a retired pediatrician, and a mother of four young adults, several with "extra needs", I have a wealth of knowledge and experience I share with parents as we work together to being about the transformative change they desire in their lives.

In my coaching, I incorporate the most current teachings of the thought-leaders of today in the areas of parenting, mindfulness, neuroscience, resilience, conscious parenting, problem-solving, motivation, and managing a healthy relationship with digital media and screen technology.

After working with me, parents learn how to enjoy their parenting experience, how to face any parenting challenge that they encounter, and realize that whatever child they have been given is a  GIFT, a one-of-a kind individual with individual strengths and imperfections, with feelings and emotions, with dreams and aspirations.

Parents were never meant to do this alone, and now more than ever, you will need as much help as you can get!

Making an investment in your family's future at this challenging time can have life-altering effects for generations to come.

Coaching Programs

Coaching Services

My 12 Week Reclaim the Joy of Parenting Coaching Program goes beyond “how to get my kids to do what I want, when I want, how I want”. If that’s what you are looking for, this program is NOT for you.

The 12-week Reclaim the Joy of Parenting Coaching Program is for parents who are ready to accept that the only person they can control is themselves; that the only actions they can control are their own!

This program is for parents who want to have a calmer, more conscious, more connected, and more confident parenting experience.

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Help My Family Now! Call
"Help My Family Now!" is a 2 hour call  for parents who are struggling to face another day, who feel so stressed that making a commitment to long-term change seems too overwhelming to consider, but who need new skills and tools to see immediate change TODAY.

In this 2 hour call we explore your most desperate challenges and start right away to calm the chaos in your family.

12 Week Coaching Program

12 weeks of coaching including 10 fifty minute phone or video coaching calls over 12 weeks

4 Week Coaching Program

4 weeks of coaching including 10 fifty minute phone or video coaching calls over 12 weeks

12 Week Lead Your family to Thrive Coaching Program

12 weeks of coaching including 10 fifty minute phone or video coaching calls over 12 weeks

2 Hour "How Do We Tell the Children?"  Call
When you’re a parent, you have many conversations with your children and you’re never sure which ones will “stick”.   It may not seem fair, but when you tell your children about your divorce, most likely that will be a conversation they will never forget.  Most parents muddle through it, not realizing how important that conversation will be.
In this 2 hour call, we will work together to plan this important conversation and find the best way to tell your children about your upcoming divorce AND set the stage for this next chapter in the life of your family!
This call can be for one or both parents. You will each be provided with your own access link so you don’t have to be “together” to participate at the same time.

Next Steps...

If you’re here, I know you’re ready for a change.

You know that parenting can be different.

Your family life can be calmer, more conscious, and more connected.

If you’re looking for an experienced, well-informed, calm, non-judgmental, logical person to work with you to achieve your parenting goals and realize the family life of your dreams, I’m just a phone call away.


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 Based in Wyndmoor, PA, Marciano Parent Coaching provides support to parents around the world via telephone or video calls