I Want My Children to Know…

I want my children to know…

I love you!
I love you if…
You never get an A on a test or report card
You never win a game or a contest
You never play a sport
You never learn how to play a musical instrument
Your teacher never tells me you are a delight to have in class
Other parents never tell me they envy me
You never have a lot of friends
You never attend a prom
You never win a scholarship
You never earn a diploma or degree
You never earn a lot of money
You never get married
You never have a child
I love YOU
You are enough
I love you as you are, for who you are, right here, right now
You don’t have to prove you are worthy of my love
You don’t have to fear showing me the “real” you,
because YOU are the one I love!

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