What is Parent Coaching?

Many successful professionals such as physicians, business owners, athletes, and performers value the benefits gained from working with a coach to help them recognize what they are doing well and what their strengths are, as well as what changes they can make to become more effective in their work.  Parents can benefit from this same process.

The parent coaching process is one of positive growth and change that occurs over time. As your coach, I will help you recognize the strengths of each family member, identify the resources available to your family, and explore the aspects of your family life that are going well. With this information, and your vision of how you want your future family life to be, we then incorporate current knowledge of child and human development and what makes children and families thrive so that you can achieve your goals for your family.

Because each child and parent in the family is an individual, the coaching process takes this into account and recognizes that you may want to try different approaches to see what works best for each member. Because parenting is not “one size fits all”, the coaching process allows for this time and individuality.

Unlike therapy and counselling which tend to look at past wounds and focus on emotional healing, parent coaching deals with present day challenges, is strength-based, and focuses on the future.


Is coaching only for parents dealing with problems?

Absolutely not! Sometimes parents want to work with a coach to prepare for a family transition such as welcoming a new child into the family,  preparing for a parent entering or leaving the work force, or adjusting to a divorce or remarriage.

Some parents work with a coach to be proactive about helping the family get ready for a future stage of development or level of independence or responsibility, such as children entering the teen years or leaving for college.

Because coaching is such a positive experience of growth, some parents enjoy working with me to explore different aspects of their family life and work on developing strengths, skills, and parenting strategies in general to develop increased competence and confidence.


How is the coaching done?

I conduct my coaching sessions over the phone or with video calls. In this way, I can better serve parents as it removes the need to arrange for child care, leave the house, or deal with traffic and travel time, factors that can increase the stress of any parent.

Coaching in this way also allows me to offer coaching sessions with greater flexibility. Because I am able to offer sessions throughout the day, in the evening, and on weekends, I'm able to meet the scheduling needs of most parents.

Also, by offering my coaching sessions over the telephone or video calls, I have the ability and opportunity to work with parents anywhere in the world.


Do you work with children or only parents?

Although I have trained as a pediatrician and have practiced medicine in the past, I am now retired from the practice of medicine and do not treat or work with children. I do not provide medical advice, but instead, I utilize the knowledge gained during my pediatric training and my years working with families to assist parents with their parenting challenges.


Why Should I Work With You?

As a Certified Parent Coach®, I can help any family. Parenting is not easy, and parents need and deserve support. Parenting books and websites are helpful to provide some basic information, but I offer so much more.

  • I offer the ability to personalize and customize strategies to deal with your real-life, real-time situations.
  • I offer compassion, connection, and continuing support.
  • I celebrate the changes you will experience in your family life, and share your joy as you build a stronger connection with your children and start to have the parenting experience and family life of your dreams.
  • I share the vast amount of knowledge and wisdom I have gained through my years of training as a pediatrician and Certified Parent Coach®, my decades of experience working with families and raising my own four children, and my lifetime of self-directed learning in many diverse areas.
  • I value and respect your knowledge and experiences and ask thoughtful questions so that you can find the parenting answers that you already possess.
  • I utilize the most current teachings of the thought-leaders of today in the areas of parenting, mindfulness, neuroscience, resilience, problem-solving, motivation, and managing a healthy relationship with digital media and screen technology.
  • I offer you a compassionate, non-judgmental partner to work with you to bring about your family’s transformation!
  • I offer a coaching process that allows for the time to determine and make the changes necessary so that you can have a joy-filled and loving family life with every family member getting their needs met.


What changes can I expect?

Every family is different and will want to address their own challenges. I work with parents to address routine, everyday issues, as well as more complicated or specialized challenges. As you make changes in your life, you will notice that even small changes will have large effects. Even if you start out to address a specific issue, your whole life improves.  After coaching you will have

  • A more joyful parenting experience and a closer connection with your children
  • A sense of gratitude and appreciation of the ordinary, the average, and the beauty of everything around you
  • The ability to stay calm and stop yelling
  • A better understanding of your children, their developmental levels, and the meaning behind their behavior
  • A recognition of the strengths of each family member, the resources available to you, what is working for you, and how to utilize these factors in your family life
  • An understanding of the importance of allowing your children to be the unique individuals they are and your role in nurturing their growth and respecting them for who they are
  • A knowledge of the principles of “Conscious Parenting” and a recognition of how you have been conditioned by your own childhood experiences and society.
  • The skills and knowledge to develop a healthy relationship with media and screen technology
  • A new appreciation for the need to take care of yourself
  • The relief of knowing -YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!


How do I get started with coaching?

Click here. We can schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation to discuss your parenting challenges and what you hope to accomplish in the coaching process. The coaching process itself is usually conducted with weekly sessions over a 10-12 week period. This allows enough time for you to make changes and notice their effects. If you like, you can continue the coaching process beyond that time.