About Me

Hello and Welcome!

I know you’re stressed. You’re struggling and feeling frustrated, exhausted, “disconnected”, and overwhelmed.

Your child has special needs or different needs and is developing along a different path on a different schedule.

You spend hours and hours dealing with extra doctor visits, therapy sessions, school accommodations, special diets, medications, and parenting strategies.

Your family life and parenting experiences are nothing like what you imagined. You feel like a parenting failure and you’re worried if something doesn’t change, your family is headed for trouble.

I’ve been there and felt the same way.

I’m Juliet Marciano, PCI Certified Parent Coach®, retired pediatrician, and mother of four children, now a teenager and young adults; several with special needs.

I love helping parents reclaim the joy of parenting, no matter the challenges they face and the struggles they encounter. I support parents of children with special needs, high needs, extra needs, and different needs. And I work with them so that they can have a calmer, more connected, and more confident parenting experience.

I know you want a better life. You want to enjoy your time with your children instead of feeling drained. You want to be calmer. You want to stop worrying about the future and start enjoying the present. You want to be able to parent your children through any challenge, in a calm and connected manner.

If you’re here, you’re in the right place and closer than ever to achieving those goals.

I can’t remember a time I didn’t love children, and love being with them and taking care of them. When I was four years old, my mother placed my newborn baby sister in my arms and I was hooked. I babysat throughout my childhood, studied many years to become a pediatrician, and I looked forward to the day I would be a mother.

Imagine my surprise and sadness when I discovered my parenting experience was not the way I had envisioned it.

My children were struggling with special needs and challenges and those struggles were having an impact on every member of my family. I found all my knowledge as a pediatrician wasn’t enough to help me with these challenges.

I experienced first-hand the lack of professional support and guidance available to assist me in navigating the challenges of parenting in a family with children with special needs.

I felt so alone.

Many of the parenting books offered suggestions that either weren’t appropriate for my children, or were in conflict with my values.

Because my children didn’t “look different,” many people, with no knowledge of our situation or challenges, were critical and judgmental. Even when people were supportive and understanding, no one really knew how they could help me and my family.

I realized if my parenting experience was challenging for me, my children were having a childhood experience that wasn’t good for them. They needed a mother who embodied strength and calmness. They needed a mother who could be a supportive partner with them as they faced whatever difficulties they encountered. They needed a mother who wasn’t so exhausted and depleted that she couldn’t enjoy the fun and happy moments because she was drained from all the challenging ones.

When it became impossible to balance my responsibilities as a pediatrician in a busy practice with my commitment to my family and my desire to be with my children, I made the difficult decision to retire from my other life-long dream of practicing pediatrics. I became a full time stay at home mom and advocate for my children.

I used to say that I left medicine to be able to “spend more time with my children.” But the truth is, I left my career in medicine to be able to SAVE my family.

Because I couldn’t find anyone to guide me on this new journey, it was up to me to gather the information necessary to help my own family.

I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge, and I spent years using the skills and tools that had made me a well-informed pediatrician in the past and became a well-informed parent. After investing so much time, money, and energy in meeting my children’s special needs, I committed to investing some of those resources in their special parenting needs.

I attended conferences and lectures, read hundreds of books and articles, spoke to specialists across multiple disciplines, and studied with experts.

I learned how to calm my mind and be responsive, rather than reactive, and I was able to calmly guide my family through any difficulty we encountered.

I learned how to find the ways to maintain connection with my children, and how to nurture their sibling relationships.

I learned how to understand my children’s behavior and teach more effective ways to communicate and problem-solve.

I learned how to find the help my children needed and how to meet the needs of all my children.

I learned how to be the parent my children needed me to be.

I finally learned how to take care of myself.

As the educational needs of my children became clear, I gained knowledge and experience navigating 504 plans and IEPs, requesting educational accommodations and supports, providing homeschooling, and researching and creating alternative educational environments and experiences.

I became a strong advocate for my children, and helped them find their voices in order to advocate for themselves.

I helped them recognize and develop their strengths, rather than always focusing on their challenges.

The result? We have thrived as individuals and as a family. I have an incredible sense of gratitude and appreciation for my life, and I love spending time with my children.

After I experienced the tremendous change in my own life and the family life I created, I knew I had to share what I learned.

It became my mission to help other parents to thrive no matter what challenges they faced with their children.

I realized that providing information wasn’t enough. I needed to be able to effectively work with parents to help them bring about the transformative change they desired in their lives, so I completed an intensive year-long graduate level program with the Parent Coaching Institute, and became a PCI Certified Parent Coach®.

I love working with parents around the world every day and helping to spare them the years of suffering, frustration, searching, loneliness, and pain that I endured.

I love to see parents experience a joyful family life that they thought was no longer possible.

I’m able to be the coach I wish that I had back then.

I know all of my experiences have helped me grow into the person I am today, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer.

Working with me, you gain all of the wisdom with less of the pain.

Are you ready to start the family life of your dreams?

Let’s go!


I have received my Parent Coach Certification®  from the Parent Coaching Institute/Parent Coach International. I received my Doctor of Medicine Degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania, (Drexel University College of Medicine-MCP) in Philadelphia, PA, and completed my Residency in Pediatric Medicine at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, also in Philadelphia, PA. I have completed the Mindful Schools Mindful Educator Essentials (K-12 curriculum) training.

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